How it works

  1. Get in touch using this form, or email with a rough recording of your song, a chord chart and some ideas of how you’d like your song to sound.
  2. We’ll record your song and send you an mp3 preview. At least one set of mix revisions is included free in all our recording packages, and any parts that you feel need re-recording can be changed for a small fee.
  3. Once you’ve approved and paid for a final version of the song, it will be sent to you as a high-quality .wav file. If you’re not happy with our recording, you don’t pay!

Here are some examples of our work

Jason Whitehorn
His Name is Jesus
PRO Package
David Brackenbury
Your Love Endures
FULL Package
Susan Sommerfeld
Tanzt und Singt
FULL Package
Mike Ross
PRO Package
David Cottrell
Come and Praise
DEMO Package
Bryce Morgan
He Shall Reign
FULL Package

What our customers think...

"As a writer, I need to be surrounded by a great team to realize the best version of my songs. Working with WSR never disappoints. Their work is truly exceptional. "
Mike R, United States
"Matt has exceeded my expectations in whatever I have given him to work on. He's got a great work ethic and ensures that you are satisfied with the end result. "
Susan S, Germany
"Worshipsongrecording worked quickly and efficiently to deliver my track. Matt understood the essence of my song and surpassed my expectations in production approach and music quality. Highly recommended! "
Jonny S, UK


Ideal if you just want a simple song showcase, or if you're looking for a more intimate sound.
£285 / $375
Everything you need to get a big professional sound for your song.
£425 / $565
Full arrangement and production treatment with multitrack stems included, and professional mastering provided by Ethereal Mastering in the US.
£595 / $785

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like your arrangement?

The clearer you can be in giving us an idea of the sort of style and sound you're after, the less likely this is to happen. But in the unlikely event that you don't like our preview mix at all, you pay nothing, so there's no risk to you.

But I can't really sing. Does that matter?

Not at all. As long as you can send us a recording that gives us sufficient idea of the melody you have in mind, we can record it. If you have the facilities, you can send us a lead sheet instead of a recording.

Can I get a backing track version of my song?

A stereo backing track, available with or without click track, is included as standard in the Full and Pro recording packages and is available for £15/$20 for Demo recordings. If you'd prefer multitrack stems to enable you to pick and choose elements of the backing to use live, that's included with the Pro recording package and available for an additional £30/$40 with the Demo and Full packages.

Can I record my own vocals?

Yes! If you have access to a reasonably well-dampened room (please don't record in a warehouse!), a pop filter, a reasonable quality microphone and a means to record yourself, you're very welcome to record your own vocals. We'll send you a rough backing preview mix for you to record over and instructions for how to get the recorded file back to us. Any editing/tuning required is included in the package fee.

Do I retain all the rights to my song?

Yes! The musicians and producers involved in recording your song are employed on a work-for-hire basis, and so are not entitled to any further compensation, even if your song goes on to be a huge hit in churches all around the world. As long as you hold the copyright to your song in the first place (we can't record cover versions for you), you're free to distribute the recording however you like. Please read our full Terms & Conditions here.

What if my song needs some work to finish it off?

Try our song critiquing service. For £50/$70, we'll send you a detailed critique of your song with suggestions on how to improve structure, melody and lyric - and all with you retaining full ownership of your song.

Do you only record worship songs?

We aim to resource grassroots worship songwriters with quality recordings of their songs, specifically so that they can be shared with their local church (or further afield) and the church be built up with a more authentically home-grown expression of worship. That includes both congregational songs or more performance orientated "ministry" songs; we have extensive experience in recording both. If you're looking to record something else then get in touch anyway as we may still be able to help!

Can I get a lead sheet for my song?

Yes, you can, for a fee of £50/$70.

WSR Founder

Matt founded WSR in 2014 after seeing the need for a high-quality, low-cost recording service that enabled grassroots Christian songwriters to share their songs with the world. Matt is a multi-instrumentalist with a first-class music degree, qualifications in theology and years of experience working with songwriters as part of the Resound Worship collective. He is passionate about helping writers bring their songs to life, and will work together with the rest of the WSR team to take your song from a basic demo to a fully-polished radio ready hit.

Get in touch using the form below to start the process of releasing your songs!

Send Your Song

Include any ideas you have about instrumentation and arrangement, along with Youtube / Spotify links to songs in similar styles. Your ideas can be as specific as "drums build to first chorus then drop out, arpeggiated guitar in second verse" etc – or as simple as "like Jesus Culture"!

Send us a basic recording of your song in any audio format. All we need is a clear idea of the melody and how it fits with the chords. Phone recordings are fine, as are live recordings straight from a church mixing desk.

Send us a complete chord chart with final lyrics as a .doc or .pdf. If you can send a lead sheet that's great, but it's not essential.